À la carte


Whitefish tartare FIN (L)

 Malax dark bread, chive mayonnaise, Västerbotten cheese, red onion, cresse salad, dill oil

11,00 €

Steak tartare FIN (G,L)

Graved yolk, horseradish, tarragon mayonnaise, pickled mustard seeds, deep fried almond potatoes

11,00 €

Asparagus soup (L)

Shrimps, garlic bread

11,00 €


Main Courses

Butter fried perch FIN (G,L)

Crushed potatoes with herbs and Västerbotten cheese, browned sugar, shrimps, chive mayonnaise, summer vegetables

27,00 €

Fried whitefish FIN (G,L)

Asparagus, white wine sauce, crispy fried Herrgårds pork belly, dill potatoes

26,00 €

Beef Tender Loin 160 g FIN (L,G)

Roasted potatoes, pepper sauce, fried tomato, spring onion, spinach

32,00 €

Turkey Hemmanet (G,L)

 Roasted potatoes, balsamic vinegar sauce, herb créme, summer vegetables

24,00 € 

Bean patties (G,L) 

Thyme potatoes, herb créme, summer vegetables

22,00 €  



Créme brülée (G, L)

Rhubarb compote, strawberries

9,50 €

Frozen chocolate mousse (G,L)

Brownie, caramel sauce, raspberries

11,00 €

Bernys vanilla ice cream (G,L)

Chocolate sauce, strawberries

12,00 €