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Potato terrine

 Browned cream, Whitefish roe, cream, spring onion, shrimp

9,50 €

Blackened Beef tenderloin

Horseradish, chive mayonnaise, browned butter and herb salad

9,50 €

Halloumi toast

Strawberries, arugula, balsamic vinegar, toasted pine nuts

7,50 €


Main Courses

Panfried breaded perch

Asparagus,lobster hollandaise, oyster mushrooms, new potatoes

24,00 €

Smoked whitefish

Summer salad, sour cream sauce, mustard and dill sauce, new potatoes

26,00 €

Panfried char

Asparagus, lobster hollandaise, oyster mushrooms, new potatoes

23,00 €

Plank steak (FIN)

Duchesse potatoes, béarnaise sauce, bacon wrapped asparagus, tomato

29,00 €

Oven baked pork belly (Björkens) 

asparagus, spring onion, jus, chili mayonnaise, roasted new potatoes

21,00 €

Chickpea patties

Oyster mushrooms, asparagus, spring onion, roasted new potatoes

20,00 €




Rhubarb consommé

White chocolate mousse, almond crunch

7,50 €

Vanilla ice-cream

raspberry sorbet, strawberries, shaved chocolate)

8,50 €

Creme bruleè with sea buckthorn sorbet

8,50 €