À la carte


Smoked whitefish

Whey-cheese crème, crispy shallots, browned butter, whitefish roe

10,00 €

Black pepper seasoned filé of Lamb

Deep fried celeriac, red onion marmalade, gruyere cheese and aioli

9,00 €

Chanterelle soup

”Malax” black bread and goats cheese)

8,50 € 


Main Courses

Pan fried perch

Browned butter, horseradish, shrimp, seasonal vegetables, potato puree

23,00 €

Pan fried arctic char

Confited tomatoes, butter sauce, chives, beets, oven roasted mandel potatoes

22,00 €

Plank steak

Beef tenderloin, Bearnaise sauce, bacon wrapped asparagus, duchess potatoes, fried tomato

28,00 €

Roast beef of reindeer

Seasonal vegetables, chanterelles, lingonberries, Port wine jus, potato gratin with “Västerbotten” cheese

29,00 €

Noisettes of pork

Seasonal vegetables, cognac-pepper sauce, blackcurrant jelly, oven roasted mandel potatoes

21,00 €

Salt baked beets

Chanterelles, deep fried kale, confited tomatoes, aioli, hazelnuts, oven roasted mandel potatoes

18,00 €



Carrot cake

Lime zest, orange cream, orange sorbet

8,50 €

Deep fried Apple dumplings

Bernys Vanilla ice cream, warm caramel sauce

8,50 €

White chocolate mousse

Blackberry compote, almond crunch, roasted chocolate

8,50 €

Chocolate Crème brûlée

Bernys Blueberry ice cream


8,50 €